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Every young person deserves
to have a safe, nurturing home

Windsor Residence for Young Men. WRYM is a charitable organization designed to promote the emotional and temporal welfare of homeless male persons, 16 to 20 years of age, with the primary focus of reconciliation with their families.

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President's Report

1 January, 2017

What does WRYM do?

We end homelessness for young men, 16-24 years of age.
80% are 16-20 yrs and are our most successful group.

How do we do it?

By providing a supportive functional family, often the only family “our guys” have ever known, with staff who are real men and women in the roles of older siblings or aunts and uncles, who mentor while teaching the following basic life skills:

  • Hygiene – personal, social and domestic;
  • Food acquisition and preparation for a healthy diet;
  • Budgeting;
  • Social Responsibility – not entitlement;
  • Work Ethic, to kids who don’t even know how to use a snow shovel or lawn mower, most often coming from unstable multiple unit housing.
  • And, by After-Care, following them when they leave us, assisting them in times of crisis, even inviting them back “home” again if necessary – as any good parent would.

While abstinence is not required, we are a non-prescribed drug free zone. Violence, in any form, is not tolerated. We teach “our guys” to stand on their own two feet; and, they are using these feet to walk away from the abuse and negative peer influence that they previously had to accept “on the street”. They walk with the pride of knowing that they finally have something that their peers don’t – the knowledge that they can truly live on their own, with the confidence that we “have their back”.

How well do we do it?

We have exceeded every promise made to this community when we opened in October 2012:

  • We promised to “process” 40/year. We average about 54 admissions each year.
  • 30% return to (extended) family. 43% are established in independent living appropriate to their needs.
  • 60% stay in or return to school
  • 19% find employment while with us
  • 60% of our guys are challenged by mental health issues upon admission; but, thanks to 2 volunteer psychiatrists and 3 clinical psychologists, we can usually obtain diagnosis and begin treatment within 4 days.
  • Challenges to learning skills are often present; but, with dedicated volunteer assistance from psychologists who specialize in learning challenges and 2 special education teachers, these needs are addressed.
  • There was a 40% reduction in youth crime in our community during our 1st full year of operation, 2013.
  • And, we are breaking the cycle of violence on women, as well as that of the abused becoming abusers.

We also provide 2 emergency beds for victims of crime, family tragedy, or stranded travellers for a day or so until the crisis can be overcome.

For the “professionals” reading this:

It would appear that we have created a modified “Foyer” model of transitional housing that best meets our community’s needs. While there is a “bright line” of 90 days at which time a resident’s progress is thoroughly assessed, in additional to weekly assessment conferences, some residents need far less time, and others truly more, to return to family or transition to the type of independent living that best meets their needs.

We don't support homelessness - We try to end it!

Alex Denonville,

President of the Board of Directors

The Windsor Residence for Young Men
1505 Langlois Ave., Windsor, ON, N8X 4M3
an incorporated registered charity #879631810RR0001

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